Taiwan 10 Days Data SIM

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  • Unlimited Data (FUP 10GB)
  • Tethering allowed

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Service details

  • The SIM card is valid for 10 days from the date of activation
  • Provides 4G network mobile data service in Taiwan via FarEasTone‘s network
    • Unlimited data
      • first 10GB usage up to 4G speed, subsequent data usage will be reduced but not below 128kbps
      • first 10GB usage allows tethering, subsequent data usage will restrict tethering
  • SIM expiry: 31 Dec 2020

SIM Activation

  1. Insert SIM into phone in covered countries

*If data is not working, kindly follow the below step by step


  1. Go to phone settings and search for ‘APN’ or ‘Access Point Names’ and add new APN
  2. Change APN name and APN to ‘’
  3. Turn off data roaming, wait 10seconds and turn on data roaming


  1. Go to settings and search for Mobile Data Network
  2. Change APN to ‘’
  3. Turn off data roaming, wait 10 seconds and turn on data roaming


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